Blackjack rules

If you are already familiar with how to play blackjack at home, learn how to play blackjack online should not be too difficult. This blackjack guide is in place to help you learn how to play this game the best way possible and how to bet on it.

While learning how to play 21 blackjack, every player should first understand the basic goal of the game. As a blackjack player, your goal in every hand will be to come as close as possible to a total score of 21, without exceeding the number.

The game is a fairly simple and straightforward one to play but there are some rules and concepts you should understand before you actually start playing for real money. If you are eager to know how to play black jack like a pro, sit back, keep on reading and find out all the most important aspects of the game.

Blackjack Rules Explained

While there are many forms of the game and many different rules of blackjack, this page looks to explain the standard blackjack rules. These rules are generally applied by most games in most casinos, and they can be considered the official blackjack rules.

In every hand of blackjack the basic concept is as follows:

  • The player is always dealt 2 cards, with face up
  • The dealer is dealt 2 cards, one face down, one face up
  • The player takes his first action
  • The player takes additional actions if he wants to
  • The dealer acts according to the dealer rules

The player’s goal is to make a hand whose total score is as close as possible to 21, without going over 21. Face cards are valued 10 points each, aces are valued 1 or 11 and other cards are valued according to their face value.

In order to get there, according to the blackjack betting rules, the player can take additional cards (hit), keep his current hand (stand) or take additional actions such as doubling his bet, insuring his hand or surrendering (in some forms of the game).

The casino blackjack rules indicate that the player must act in accordance with pre-set rules. These rules force the dealer to draw until his hand equals at least 17. When his hand equals 17 or higher, the dealer stops hitting and his and player’s hands are compared, assuming neither of them has busted.

In some forms of the game, the dealer can hit once more if he has a soft 17. If you don’t know what does hard and soft mean in blackjack, soft refers to a hand that contains an ace (which can be counted a 1, preventing the hand from busting by hitting a high card).

How to Win at Blackjack

Most novice players wonder what is the best way to win at blackjack. If you are looking to learn how to win at blackjack without counting cards, the only real answer is in using the optimal strategy and following the blackjack charts to the letter.

While these basic tips will not change the odds all the way in your favour, they will give you a very realistic chance at beating the game. For even more ways of how to win, check out our blackjack strategy which offers more detailed instructions on how to win at video blackjack.


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