Blackjack strategy

If you are looking to get started with online blackjack, this blackjack strategy guide is a great starting point. The main goal of this guide is to teach you how to play based on how many decks are in the game you are playing. Each game comes with a perfect blackjack chart of its own and it is very important to understand this chart before you jump into the action.

The game can be played with anywhere between one and eight decks of cards. Any of winning strategies for black jack is based on simple charts which contain specific instructions as to what move to make in each situation that can arise.

Learning the blackjack odds chart for the game you are playing is crucial to success. Alternatively, when playing online, some players choose to keep the chart close by and refer to it for every specific hand. Keeping a cheat sheet by your side while you are playing is always a good idea.

The most basic version is the single deck game and the single deck blackjack strategy is in fact the easiest one to learn. Since there are so few cards with the value of 10, the single deck blackjack odds are pretty tight and making a decision between doubling down or not. Before you make your play, always remember to look back at the simple strategy chart you can find below:

Blackjack Strategy: A Basic Guide photo 1

2 deck blackjack is the next version of the game which can get a little bit more complicated. The 2 deck strategy takes into consideration the fact that players cannot double down after a split and that it is possible to double down on any two starting cards. You can find the exact double deck blackjack odds and optimal plays in the following chart:

Blackjack Strategy: A Basic Guide photo 2

The more decks you add to your multi deck blackjack, the more complex the strategy becomes. While it would be incredibly hard to calculate on the spot, the perfect 4 deck blackjack strategy is as follows:

Blackjack Strategy: A Basic Guide photo 3

Blackjack strategy 6 deck considers even more cards and even more betting options and doubling down opportunities. If you play the 6 deck game, this is the chart you will want to use:

Blackjack Strategy: A Basic Guide photo 4

If you are looking to become a complete blackjack player, you should also learn the 8 deck blackjack strategy and your switch odds, which give players an optimal win rate of 99.42% of their bets.

The following blackjack hit chart if applicable for games in which the dealer stands on soft 17:

Blackjack Strategy: A Basic Guide photo 5

Here is another one of the basic blackjack strategy charts which you can learn by heart before you jump into any blackjack game with four to eight decks:

Blackjack Strategy: A Basic Guide photo 6

Devising an advanced blackjack strategy for black jack games in which the dealer hits on soft 17 is a bit more complex. Thankfully, the following blackjack hit stay chart can help you with this:

Blackjack Strategy: A Basic Guide photo 7

With all of these charts, you should know exactly when to hit and when not to hit in blackjack and your game will certainly be much better thanks to keeping them on hand while you play:

How to Count Cards in Blackjack

When playing blackjack against the house, any player should understand that he is in a slightly worse position than the dealer. Even using optimal blackjack strategy and playing the best blackjack game, you will still be losing about 0.5% of all the bets you make in the long run.

To counter this house edge, players have come up with blackjack card counting strategy, the perfect weapon to defeat the dealers, especially in games with few decks. If you are wondering what is card counting in blackjack, we can tell you it is a method of determining how many low and high cards remain in the deck to help you determine when the odds are in your favour.

Players who know how to count cards in blackjack make small bets until the deck is “hot”. At this point, they will start making larger wagers as the odds will be in their favour to get high hands that beat the dealer.

There are many blackjack counting systems out there, but if you want to know how to count blackjack cards simple way, you can simply add +1 point to your running count when a small card is dealt, subtract -1 point when a high card is dealt, and keep the score unchanged for cards between 7 and 9.

This way, you will always have a tally of how many big and small cards have been dealt out of the deck. With this information, you can make bigger bets when the running count is high, which means there are many face cards and aces in the deck which gives you an advantage over the house which can range up to several percentage points.


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